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May 14, 2019

Seth and Patrick sit down with Ariel Burgess, a long time official artist for The Wheel of Time.


May 11, 2019

Staying in Cold Rocks Hold, Rand has the opportunity to observe the Aiel as a people, rather than a group of warriors. While trying to investigate more, Rand asks to enter the Spear Maiden's head quarters. They think this is quite funny, shower him with gifts, and serve him tea in a long winded ritual outside in the...

May 8, 2019

No one can use sursa (chopsticks) except for Thom. Egeanin and Bayle Domon run into each other again, and it only takes a short boxing match for them to realize that they like each other. Now that the super girls are aware that Egeanin is Seanchan, they start rethinking their relationship with the woman, but they...